Whether a business is new, growing or succession planning, leaders cannot afford to ignore workplace gaps that negatively impact a business’ image, retention and viability.

FlexPaths provides a one-stop shop to help businesses as they plan to modernize their workspaces, create inclusive cultures and introduce progressive work practices. Sample services include:

For leaders who prefer following a more disciplined approach.

  • Intake sessions to understand workplace realities, areas of resistance and opportunity.

  • Assessment to determine current and future state.

  • Framework and action plan to put businesses on a path for continuous improvement.

  • Ongoing support to guide actions, advise at key decision points, apply market best practices.

Guidance and roundtables for leaders and teams to address time sensitive issues/fill gaps.

  • To embrace workplace trends, priorities and respond for the betterment of the business.

  • To ascertain change readiness, envision how people will work/collaborate and prepare by upcoming space change.

  • To help those impacted by space change to envision new space, workstyles and ways to collaboration.

  • To address workplace dynamics and build and commit to a workplace etiquette plan and practices.

These 75 to 90-minute workshops can be delivered live or virtually, facilitated in small groups or delivered in large groups.

  • Leading in the New Work Environment: This management-level workshop provides best practices and strategies for leading and maintaining a strong team culture when transitioning from traditional to contemporary workspace and workstyles.

  • Rethinking My Work Environment: This team-level workshop provides best practices and strategies for operationalizing a strong team culture when transitioning from traditional to contemporary workspace and workstyles.

  • Leading Dispersed Sales Teams: This 60-minute workshop is aimed at leaders with dispersed teams who want to preserve accountability, enhance communication and maintain a high performing, connected culture. Participants will learn virtual best practices to improve communication and collaboration, including how to leverage technology.

  • Revisiting Workplace Etiquette: This team-level workshop encourages participants to discuss current real-life situations/scenarios, their impact and how to go forward, including a workplace etiquette plan/checklist, team agreement and polling questions to ensure ongoing check-ins.

  • Why Inclusion Matters: This workshop helps leaders and teams embrace why inclusivity is important in their business, how to reflect it more intentionally, engage in constructive/candid dialogues and actions to take across process/practice.